Private medical rheumatology clinic appointments (private patients and self-pay patients) 

for all private patients and self-pay patients with a known or suspected rheumatology disease. The full range of outpatient diagnosis, differential diagnosis and the initiation of therapy and care are offered during ongoing therapies. Call 040 8703363 to make an appointment.

Rheumatology appointments (statutory health insurance)

for all current patients and those who are new to the practice with a confirmed inflammatory rheumatic disease. Also for new patients to rule out rheumatic disease, which the referring physicians have expressed a concrete suspicion of based on an earlier diagnosis (an appropriate referral and preliminary findings should be available). Call 040 8703363 to make an appointment. 

(Due to various structural changes in Hamburg, currently there is a very high demand for appointments with rheumatologists. Unfortunately, at this time we are temporarily unable to accept any new patients for this special consultation. We ask for your understanding in this matter. If this is your situation, please contact patient consultation at the Kassenärztlichen Vereiningung (Panel Physician Association) Phone: 040-20 22 99 be 222.   

Emergency Appointments

There is always the option of getting an appointment on short notice in the event of a medical emergency. If you are already one of our patients, then just arrange your appointment with the front desk. If you are a new patient, then have your own family physician refer you.

Office Hours 

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